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Do You Trust Him

What If?
What if all of the 2020 situations was allowed to refocus us as Christians? We have been faced with corona virus, unemployment, racial tension, life insecurity. I know I have changed. Talking to a friend, they said this situation has changed them too. What if this is what was needed to get us focused on our families, health, soul, relationships, and other things that are important? Most frivolous activity such as shopping, partying, notoriety seeking has been stripped away. Man does not have an answer. We are literally put in a position wherein either we will trust HIM or not. Our wisdom is completely limited right now. Faith is all we have. Will you trust HIM?

Humbly Thank you

I was so afraid to put out any music because I am just another church singer. I write songs for professionals. My comfort zone is behind the scene.

The kind and encouraging words have been a humbling experience. There are so many wonderful singers in this world. I thank God he allowed me to add something to the pot for people to enjoy. 

Be blessed.

More Like You - my new song

My whole family sings. Singing is something that we do. I never pursued it professionally. Actually, I am still not pursuing it professionally. I hope that the songs that I put out to the world will bring peace, love, joy, and comfort. 
I have no idea what this will turn into. I may be a one-hit-wonder. I may never have another song.  What if no one notices my songs. It doesn't matter. As long as God sees and hears me. 
If you listen, please enjoy it. It's free music. 

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